Reliance Gas

Reliance Gas

Trusted by a million plus happy customers, our Packed LPG products serve diverse needs of households and establishments.

We believe in providing safe and healthy energy for a better life. Reliance Gas packed LPG serves customers across Western India in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan through a network of 2300+ distribution outlets. Our products cater to differing segments and can be used at Home, Hotels or Industrial applications.

LPG for Home
LPG for Home
  • Our products are economical and are packed in convenient sizes ranging from 4kg to 15 kg.
  • We are pioneers to offer LPG in composite cylinders in India. Composite cylinders are extremely light weight and 100% safe.
  • Over the years, Reliance Gas has enhanced its reputation through customer-centric approach of delivering domestic LPG cylinders to their homes at the hour convenient to them.
  • We promise instant enrolment, for a quick and hassle-free LPG connection.
LPG for Hotel
LPG for Hotel
  • LPG from Reliance Gas is the preferred energy solution for heavy-duty cooking and heating applications in Hotels and catering establishments.
  • Our expertise lies in understanding client needs and recommending customized end-to-end solutions.
  • Safety and hassle free operations are our focus areas and we conduct periodic customer visits and maintenance services to ensure this.
LPG for Industry
LPG for Industry

Our LOT (Liquid Off Take) and VOT (Vapour Off Take) fitted cylinders find usage in a variety of industrial applications like:

  • Furnace heating
  • Ceramics
  • Poultry farming
  • Food processing
  • Annealing in glassware
  • Dye industry
  • Ship-wreaking/cutting process
  • Material drying
  • Steel and iron industry

Safety Tips For LPG Home - Do’s & Don’ts

Use LPG in Ventilated Area
Before connecting, check for LPG leakage
Close the regulator knob once you finish cooking
Always keep the cylinder vertical, upright during usage and storage
Always install LPG pipeline above ground level
Don’t place cylinders in closed areas.
Do not use any flammable objects near or over the burner
Do not switch on or off any lights or electrical equipment, smoke or use naked flames incase of leakage
Do not roll the cylinder
Never store LPG in basement, cellar, elevated platforms

Safety Tips For Commercial & Industrial LPG - Do’s & Don’ts

Adequate ventilation available in the area where LPG is being used
Have LPG appliances maintained by an engineer qualified to examine such equipment
Put the safety cap on all cylinders, whether filled or empty, whenever they are not connected
Turn off the valve when cylinder is not in use
Keep enough fire-extinguishers for any possible accidents
Don’t place cylinders in closed areas.
Don’t allow use of cigarette, incense sticks, match sticks near LPG appliances or pipeline area
Don’t use mobile, camera flash or torch in the manifold area
Don’t allow unauthorized person in manifold area
Don’t let anyone handle leakage, call a trained safety personnel of authorized dealer

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