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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliance Petroleum App can be downloaded from - Google Play Store for Android devices, and the App store for Apple devices. Just enter in the search bar of the store as “Reliance Petroleum app” and the app gets displayed for a download.
Reliance Petroleum Mobile App is free of charge. You can download and use this application with no additional fees. Your mobile operator may levy charges for GPRS/SMS used. Please check with your operator for details.
By registering with your details, you can create your profile and access all the features of the app. Alternatively, sign in as a Guest and you can avail only limited features of the app.
Access to the Reliance Petroleum Mobile App is user specific. Once you register as a user, you will be able to log-in only with your credentials along with the entry of the password that has been set by you during the registration process, which is validated through a one- time password (OTP). For matter of safety, you are requested not to share your password with anyone.
The password should contain a minimum of 8 characters, such that it includes at least one small & one capital alphabet, one numeric digit & one special character. This ensures added security.
Click on Forgot Password screen, and then you can unlock your password with an OTP verification that would be sent to your registered number. For any assistance you can also call our toll free number 1800223023 and our team will be happy to help you with the same.
Find the nearest Reliance Petrol pump, Check price of fuel, get directions to your favourite petrol pump and find a Reliance Petrol pump along your planned journeys from one location to another. Download and use the Reliance Petroleum mobile app to experience the entire range of features.
Simply, log into the app and click on the Nearest Fuel Station icon on the home page. Petrol pumps/fuel stations near you will be displayed as icons on the map, based on your mobile location settings. Click on any of the displayed icons on the map and you will see the distance and address of the outlet. Use the map to get directions to your nearest petrol pump.
You can mark the Reliance Petrol pump you visit regularly, as your favourite by navigating through any of the 3 features in the application: Nearest Fuel Station, Today’s Price or Outlet Amenities, and by simply tapping on the favourite icon. Once you have marked your favourite fuel station you get information on the daily price of petrol, diesel and auto LPG at the Reliance Petrol pump. You can turn on and turn off notifications on prices based on your preferences.
Now when you plan your trip find a Reliance Petrol pump along the way and add it to your stop overs. Just enter the From and To destinations and all the Reliance Petrol pumps along the route will be displayed.
On the home page menu, visit the My Registered Vehicles link and key in the details of your vehicle along with the dates of renewal of insurance and the PUC of your registered vehicle. If the notifications feature is enabled by you, automatic alerts are sent as reminders well before due date, informing you to renew both of them.
To view your personal details, just click on “My Profile” option on the Home page. This is only applicable for registered users.
Use the Forgot Password option, which is available on the log-in page for users who would like to log-in with their registered mobile number.
Keeping your app updated ensures that you enjoy the latest features. In case you choose to not update, then the older version will keep working without any issues. However, it is recommended to update your application to enjoy added services and features.
Call our toll free number 1800223023 or write to us at Our team will reach out to you on your contact numbers, to provide you with the necessary assistance.